Presented by Virginia Weiskopf
CEO, Personal Technical Guide
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Does your business have a digital marketing plan?

It is not just about getting a post to be “Liked”, “Commented” or “Shared” anymore.  Not that going viral is a bad thing, but did your “post” achieve your goal?  Does your digital footprint allow you to be found everywhere? Are your “posts” SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Time Bound? But where do you start?

In the master class we will discuss:


  • Is your “Brand” ready for prime time?
  • Is your “Digital House” ready for company?
  • Who are you inviting to your “Digital Party”?


  • Setting your Goals
  • Defining your Measurables
  • Setting a Budget
  • Review


  • Q1 plan
    • Awareness
    • Engagement
    • Conversion
  • Putting it together

The Digital world has evolved and each of the digital platforms wants you to spend money to advertise to their audience.  You need to have a plan and be strategic and consistent in marketing your brand.


Presented by Vanessa Cabrera

With over 200 million users visiting business profiles daily; Instagram is now THE fastest growing social media platform for business owners bar none. It’s even been predicted that by 2020, Instagram will overtake Facebook in total usage in the United States.

The time is NOW to learn insider real-world IG strategies to which businesses are experiencing incredible success implementing. And within this masterclass, we’ll focus on two. Hashtags & Instagram Stories!

In this master class award winning online marketing consultant, Vanessa Cabrera will reveal:


  • Understanding why #Hashtags #Matter
  • Knowing what Hashtags to use to attract your ideal clients
  • How to find the right hashtags on Instagram

By the end of this masterclass you'll walk away with at least one set of 30 hashtags to use to attract your dream clients.


  • What are they?
  • How to create one
  • Learn why Instagram Stories are the absolute power-house of this social media channel and how to leverage them for your business

By the end of this masterclass you'll walk away knowing how to create your first story OR leveraging them to build your business.

PROFITING FROM GOOGLE ADS: How to Create, Track, and Measure Campaigns for Maximum Returns

Presented by Eli Litscher
President, Chief Digital Strategist
The Loop Marketing

The Google Ads platform reaches 90% of internet users and simply can’t be ignored if you are a business owner. Google Ads makes it easy to set up an account and get started, promising a quick setup process and immediate site visits, calls, and sales. The typical business owner, however, will have a different experience.

The myriad of settings and preferences can be as complex as the controls of an airplane, and much like an airplane, the course your set can take you in very different directions. In this Master Class, Elijah Litscher from The Loop Marketing will walk you through the best practices of creating, tracking, testing, and measuring success with the Google Ads platform.

You will learn:

● The top mistakes business owners and marketers make in setting up and running campaigns
● If and when Google Display advertising will work for you
● How to create audiences and do successful retargeting
● How to begin with the end in mind and ensure a positive return on ad spend (ROAS)
● How to set a schedule for tracking and measuring success
● How Google Ads can fit in and amplify your other marketing

This class is applicable to any business: product or service oriented, local or national, and B2B or B2B.


Presented by Cathy Cain-Blank
President and Director of Ideas and Implementation
CC Marketing and Communications

Does your company chase after buyers? Promote your products and services to as many people as possible? If so, know that as buyers get more fed up with being hounded, this traditional method of trying to generate sales will continue to fall by the wayside. In its place is Inbound Marketing, a proven method of growing a business by attracting, engaging and delighting buyers. Inbound works because it puts buyers before sellers, and focuses on helping potential customers solve their problem.

One key component of an Inbound Marketing program is nurturing relationships -- showing an ongoing interest in the needs of your leads. The best method for demonstrating this is by sending a series of automated educational, helpful emails. You’ll be able to continually engage with your leads and move them along in the Buyer’s Journey until they are ready to be passed over to your sales team.

In this class we’ll discuss:

• The inbound marketing methodology and how to migrate to it from a traditional outbound approach
• How to develop an inbound marketing plan
• The importance of the Buyer’s Journey
• Content needed for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey
• How to create and manage an effective lead-nurturing email program

If your company’s traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as they once were, or you’ve invested heavily in your website but it isn’t generating quality leads, this class is for you. You’ll walk away with the information you need to explore whether an inbound marketing program is right for your company.


What are you waiting for? Be educated on digital marketing trends, best practices and hands-on techniques in sessions designed to insure you excel in the quickly evolving digital space.

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