Barbara Rozgonyi

Telling Your Brand Story

Keynote by Barbara Rozgonyi

Digital Marketing and Storytelling: How to Transform Your Brand’s Fables into Fortunes

What if you could effortlessly . . .
Attract more of the right attention AND
Build your business in the right direction AND
Captivate key communities?
How would your business, and your life, change?
Wow! Your life would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

But first, answer me this: What’s your brand story, morning glory?

Hmmm . . . if you can’t get your brand story straight. Or, if your brand’s story is boring and easy to tune out, you – and your brand - are in B-I-G trouble.

Because we want to say, “Fare Thee Well,” this session will teach you how to craft your brand’s legacy story.

Everyone will learn how to go from being plain and forgettable to being fabulous and formidable.

By the end of the program, you’ll have an outline and a narrative to share with your team. You’ll walk away with a refreshed, and revitalized, brand story model to power up your business.

Together, we will . . .
-      Choose your brand story theme
-      Cast your story’s lead characters
-      Plot your brand story arc
-      Map out a plan to bring the story to life – in 4D

Instagram for Business 101

Presented by Vanessa Cabrera

Is Instagram the new Facebook? With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is now THE fastest growing social media platform out there!

Millions of businesses are turning to Instagram to up their social media strategy. But why?

If you’ve been considering adding Instagram to your social media strategy, but you’re not quite sure how to use it, or where to begin, then start here!

In this cannot miss session, award winning online marketing consultant, Vanessa Cabrera will reveal:

  • Why you should be on Instagram
  • Why #Hashtags #Matter
  • Business profile vs a Personal Profile
  • Instagram stories, basics for business

Plus you'll get LIVE Q&A time with your host!

Make sure you bring something to take lots of notes with, because this is going to be an epic Instagram training!

Vanessa-Cabrera #KeystoDMS Partner
cathy cb

Cathy Cain-Blank

Mastering Email Marketing

Presented by Cathy Cain-Blank
President and Director of Ideas and Implementation
CC Marketing and Communications

You've got customers and prospects but your efforts to connect with them via email are ineffective. Don't blame the technology, and don't bail on it! Email continues to be one of the best tools for sharing ideas, keeping in touch, increasing awareness of your offerings and, ultimately, generating business. But if you’re pushing products or services, or focusing strictly on what you want to say, you’re losing the opportunity to build relationships with your target audience.

In this session we'll cover how to:

  • Build your contact lists properly
  • Create content your audience will want to read
  • Design templates that are inviting to your readers
  • Manage the not-so-little stuff (e.g., subject lines and settings)
  • Measure success
  • Choose the right technology

This session is packed with takeaways you can implement quickly. If you need better results from your 2019 email marketing program compared to 2018, don’t miss this presentation.

YouTube - A Case Study

Presented by Edie Clarke

How my client's YouTube channel gained over 13K Subs in less than 5 months.

In this presentation, I will walk the audience through my client's problem and why she needed my help and the solution I created for her that led her channel to grow from 1200 subscribers in February 2018 when we first started working together to at the time of this writing almost 20,000 subscribers.

I will break the presentation into 5 phases consisting of

  1. content - how did we determine what content she should create,
  2. video format - how we reformatted her videos to appeal to the YouTube audience,
  3. optimization  - how we got a brand new audience to discover her content and
  4. marketing - how we created a plan to ensure that her videos were seen by all of her followers.
  5. live streaming - how she used YouTube live streaming to engage with her audience and promote her services

Edie Clarke


Dave Delaney

Reaching Your Customers Online with Google

Presented by Dave Delaney

Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your online presence using a free business listing, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and online advertising. We’ll introduce some tools that can help, including Google Analytics and Google Trends.

In this session we’ll discuss best practices for:

  • Creating a free Google My Business listing
  • Improving your website’s visibility in Google’s organic search results, on all devices
  • Advertising your business on Google

Creating Facebook Ads that Convert

Presented by Deanne Fusillo
Sassy Girl Media

Tired of running Facebook Ads that don'twork? Stop throwing your money away. In this workshop,you will learn how to create an ad that converts. We will:

  • Learn what goes into a compelling ad
  • Create an Ads Campaign
  • Use Landing Pages to build your email list
  • Create emails that nurture those relationships

Deanna Fusillo

eli headshot.fw

Elijah Litscher

Practical SEO for 2019

Presented by Elijah Litscher
CEO, The Loop Marketing

As long as there are search engines that deliver results for America’s questions, there will be money to made by business owners if they can show up in those search results. However, in recent years, the landscape of the search engine results has changed dramatically. Mobile devices and voice assistants deliver different answers to search questions. Where there used to be 10 results only, search results pages now have new sections with maps, reviews, direct answers to questions, and
more. The criteria for being in the top results is constantly changing. What is a business owner to do?

In this session, led by Elijah Litscher of The Loop Marketing in Chicago, you will learn about the new search engines result pages and how they affect business owners and marketers.

You will learn:
● About search engine result features in 2019 and why they have changed
● Search is not just Google anymore - where else people are searching for products and services
● Tactics to make sure that your business is found
● How to best position your business for positive exposure

Blogging for Business

Presented by Elaine Rau
Founder + CEO of LadyBossBlogger

How I grew my blog from 0-150K followers and email list to 15K in under 2 years.

I will walk you through the steps it takes to build a successful blog - the secret is in the foundation:

1. How to decide what platform to blog on - pros and cons
2. How to come up with a strategic content strategy that works - SEO and writing tips
3. How to use social media properly to promote your blog - automation tools
4. How to gain a massive following, audience, and traffic to your blog - the fastest ways
5. How to use blogging to promote your services/products - make money directly on your blog, sell e-commerce items, or sell service based packages

Elaine Rau headshot founder of LadyBossBlogger

Elaine Rau


Presented by SCORE


Fox Valley SCORE

Success Stories!  Learn how your business can be transformed by having a mentor that has the resources to grow your business.

Live: Facebook, YouTube & Instagram

Moderated by Virginia Weiskopf
Weiskopf Consulting, LLC

Learn for the experts:  Vanessa Cabrera, Deanna Fusillo, and Edie Clarke.  In a panel discussion that we will be streaming Live.  Come with your questions on how each of these live platforms can be used to promote your business and engage potential customers.

Virginia Weiskopf

Virginia Weiskopf

Virginia Weiskopf

Virginia Weiskopf

Is Your Website Ready for 2019

Presented by Virginia Weiskopf
CEO, Weiskopf Consulting, LLC

Yes, you have a website but what does it do?  Learn the elements that make up a great website.  Understand what the website should communicate to each visitor.  Learn how SEO places you in search results.  Discover what assets you should offer to engage potential clients.

No, it is not just a brochure on the web!

How to get Reviews & What they mean to your Business

Presented by Emily Washcovick
Manager of Local Business Outreach, Yelp

You’ve probably seen your business on Yelp, and have been paying attention to your online reviews, but do you have a strategy for managing the world of online reviews? Have you taken advantage of all the free tools that can help you be found and stand out on sites such as Yelp? This session will walk you through how you can use Yelp for Business Owners to put your best foot forward and tell the story of your business in a place that consumers are looking to find you. You will learn about Yelp's Review Recommendation Software and best practice for responding to your customer reviews as well as generating more feedback for your business naturally. Learn how to update your business hours, add photos of yourself, your staff and your product, and learn what tools can make you most successful in telling your story and being found on Yelp.

EW Headshot

Emily Washcovick

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson

LinkedIn for Business

Presented by Ryan Wilson
Independent Agency Lead, North American at LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Marketing Tools for Business Growth
• Trust on the LinkedIn Platform
• Building a Compelling Organic Presence on LinkedIn
• LinkedIn Company Pages Demo
• Best Practices for Organic Content on LinkedIn
• Boosting Your Reach and Engagement via LinkedIn Ads

Q&A Panel: Email Marketing

Email continues to reign as the best direct method to communicate with customers. As social platforms continue to exert control over how and when your posts are seen, marketers are turning back to reliable email. Marketers continue to test techniques to increase open rates and garner more attention. Frequency, segmentation, targeting, these best practices can get confusing. Come prepared with questions for our experts to enhance the way you speak to your customers on a personal level to get more business.

Vanessa Profile1

Vanessa Cabrera

cathy cb

Cathy Cain-Blank


Kelly Carpenter


Q&A Panel: Social Media Marketing

Social media is continuing to evolve with new platforms and ever changing roadmaps to reach your business objectives. As social platforms continue to exert control over how and when your posts are seen, marketers need to have new strategies to reach their audience. Come prepared with questions for our experts on how to best leverage your social media strategy to both meet the needs of your current and potential clients as well as the objectives of your business.


Virginia Weiskopf

Elaine Rau headshot

Elaine Rau

eli headshot.fw

Elijah Litscher


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